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About Me

I’m Sophiena(phegyi). Catalyst – Author – Teacher – Chef – Photographer – Artist – Healer

A passion for life, business & people.


As a passionate, I’m always learning, discovering, experimenting, improving, playing…
Perfectionist, I’m exploring any new tool or area to the expertise level.
Then I love to share, guide and transmit with Joy. Life is supposed to be fun & easy, so let’s play!

Some Expertise areas


HP – Gifted – Sensitive – Empath


Self-esteem - Self-Confidence


Life Purpose & Career


Chef & Food Intolerance


Healer & Natural Remedies


  • Bilingual: French – English
  • Catalyse – Coach – Negotiate
  • Analyze – Synthesize – Organize – Implement
  • Uplift – Empath – Compassionate – TOlerant
  • Positive – Creative & Solution Oriented
  • Heal – Medium

Optimize your life. Ready to shine your light?


My Approach

+38 years of ongoing learning, exploring, practice at an expert level many different modalities to fully understand body, mind & spirit functioning together with a business & professional mind.

Concentrating on easy and effective tools to access and use. Once taught, they are yours to practice.

Today willing  to help you with Spirit expand your life & business thru Love & Joy.

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